Bùcs: FAQ

What is Bùcs app?

Bùcs is a mobile application to search books, save favorites books and get books recommendations.

Why Bùcs is “powered by Google”?

We developed Bùcs app using, for searching and previewing books, “Google Books API Family”, a feature set provided by Google to developers.

What devices I need to use Bùcs?

Con qualsiasi smartphone basato su Android (dalla versione 4.0.3 in poi) o iOS (dalla versione 8.0 in poi).

How much cost the Bùcs app?

Bùcs is a free service.

What can I search with Bùcs?

Any book, written in any language and on any subject. We believe that we can offer, thanks to the complete archive Google Books, a comprehensive and reliable search service. If you can not find a book (it can happen!) please report it to info@bucsclub.com

How can I improve my searches?

It’s very simple. You can search for any word, not only author, title or ISBN. Of course more generic is the keyword and more books will be listed. To limit and refine your search you can use the filters that you can find in the left menu above the search results. A menu will allows you to limit your search to the author’s name, title, or only to books in Italian, or just to ebooks or ebook that you can read for free.

Can I save the books that I found?

Yes. Once you have selected the book from the list of search results, select the icon of “Bookmark”, and tap Save. The chosen book will be saved in the Favorites section of books. To save a book as a favorite you have to sign up to Bùcs.

Why should I sign up?

To give you the opportunity to save your favorite books and get personalized recommendations you have to register. Registration is free and your data is safe. If you want to know more please visit the Privacy section.

How do I register to Bùcs?

You can use the traditional email-password method or use the Facebook and Google authentication systems.

How do I get personalized recommendations for books?

Every time you enter a book in your favorites list, Bùcs verify, through a recommendation algorithm, if there are books of authors, subjects compatible with what you’ve saved as your favorite. If there are, or rather if the algorithm is able to find them, you will see on the recommendation section.

Can I read ebooks on Bùcs?

No. Or at least not yet. We’re working on it. For now we offer you the opportunity to read the previews or the complete book through Google Play Book. Tap on Read button (Limited Preview or Full View) in the detail of the book. You will be catapulted on Google Play for reading (on the first access you will need to download the App indicated by Google).