Terms of Service

1 Welcome to Bucs!

1.1 This website ( “Website”) and related services ( “Applications”) are owned and operated by Digitalzero srl with legal offices in Corso Europa 161, 20017 Rho (MI) CF - 09717530969 PI, (the “Company” ).

1.2 The use of the Site and its Applications ( “Services”) are subject to the following terms and conditions ( “Terms of Service”), you agree with the simple access to the Site, or by express consent when using the applications, and it is therefore invited to read carefully.

Usage requirements. To use the service the user needs a compatible device, access to the internet and compatible software. Your ability to use the services and performance of the services dependent on these factors. The responsibility to follow the user requirements is yours.

1.3 The Company reserves the right to make changes, additions and deletions of part or whole paragraphs of these Terms of Service at any time, by general alerts to users on the Site or in Applications, indicating the effective date of such change , which must be after at least 15 days compared to that of the notice of change. In the case where modifications result in a significant reduction of the Services, the user has the right to withdraw from the contract for the use of the Services ( “Agreement”) within 15 days of receiving the notification of the change. The continued use of the Services elapsed fifteen days of publication of the notice of change is a manifestation of willingness to accept the new conditions of the Terms of Service.

2 Services

2.1 The Services are the use of the Site or of applications downloadable from the Site or from third-party store (eg. Apple app Store) or promoted by the site. In particular, the applications allow users of the Services to search for books information, to refine their searches using special filters, to save books into a list of favorite books, to obtain information about purchasing books, get personalized recommendations of books to read, to get links to external services which let you read full or limited preview of your books.

For the operation of the Services, and in particular to search for information about the books we use technology and information offered through Google Books API Family: a set of features for developers better described here: https://developer.google.com/books.

2.2 The Company does not give any express or implied warranty as to the availability of continuous and uninterrupted services.

2.3 The Company makes no warranty that the Services will be free of problems or software or hardware faults. However, the Company’s duty to ensure maximum efforts to correct any problems or software or hardware fault, wherever they arise.

2.4 The Company does not assume any responsibility for the conduct of users in the use of applications, that because of technical problems to be interrupted, terminated early or inconvenienced in any way.

3 Access to Services

3.1 Access to the Services is conditional on acceptance of the Terms of Service. Minors must complete the registration procedure with the assistance of a parent or legal guardian. Subjects exercising parental authority over their children, allowing them to use the Services, are responsible for the child’s behavior, access control, and the consequences in case of misuse of the Services by the child.

3.2 Please note that to access the Services, you will have to equip yourselves, independently and at his your expense, the necessary software (eg. Browser for internet browsing or the Bùcs app for smartphones) and, where applicable, the registration to a social network (eg. Facebook).

4 Suspensions and interruptions of the Services

4.1 The Company assumes no responsibility with regard to the Services and in particular to the potential damage caused by the interruption of services resulting from blackouts or technological problems on the company’s servers or third-party suppliers of the Company.

4.2 The Company reserves the right to discontinue for maintenance-services or upgrade of computer systems own or third-party providers, keeping users informed through email communications, on-site news, messages in the Applications and the information spaces of Social Network Applications that convey.

4.3 In addition, the Company reserves the right to suspend the Services or parts thereof (eg. The list of favorite books) to individual users or groups of users, for any kind of abuse committed by users and sole discretion of the Company, accordance with the provisions of the Contract.

5 Personal information

5.1 By accessing and using the Services, the Company may ask you some personal information through registration forms. The Company makes use of registration and authentication systems based on its own technologies oo third-party suppliers of the Company. In particular, access to some of the services is also possible through the third-party Social Login services (eg. Facebook).

Personal information will be stored on servers operated by the Company or by third party suppliers to the Company. 5.2 By accepting the Terms of Service, you represent that their data is accurate, true and correct, and undertakes to promptly modify them so that they are constantly updated, complete and truthful.

5.3 The storage standards and use of personal data collected are shown in the “Privacy” document which can be found at https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/41600798

6 Limitations for the user of the Services

6.1 The users of the Services agree to the following limitations:

1) It is prevented from accessing the Services under the age of 13. If aged 13 or more years but less than 18, the user must submit to these Terms of Service to a parent or guardian in accordance with par. 3.1. 2) Parents and legal guardians of users under the age of 18 must monitor the use of the Services by the user places under their responsibility. The legal guardians of users aged under 18 years will be fully responsible for any use of the Services by minors. 3) It is prohibited the use of fake accounts. 4)The use of accounts that refer to companies or organizations of any kind: the account is valid only on the individual user. 5) It is forbidden to use the account for any purpose other than as provided by the Services or which may contravene the laws of the European Community and in the country of residence. 7) You may not use the Services for commercial purposes (ie. Cannot publish content provided by the Services without the approval of the Company). 8) It is forbidden any attempt at fraudulent and unauthorized intrusion to the Company’s servers or third-party providers on behalf of the Company. 9) It is forbidden the use of software or bot that can automatically or manually interact with the Services 6.2 In case of violation of paragraph 6.1, the Company may, at its sole discretion, the right to immediately suspend the user responsible, and in severe cases, may terminate the Agreement for breach.

7 User generated content and interaction between them

7.1User-generated content is any type of content (eg. Research conducted or list of favorite books) that you transferred to the technology platforms that provide the services.

7.2 The user gives the Company personal, non-exclusive, for the whole world, free and until further notice for publication of its content on the Site and on the platforms consistent with the purposes of the Services.

7.3 In case of violations of the preceding paragraphs of this article 7, the Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, the right to immediately suspend the user responsible.

8 Termination of Service

8.1 You may at any time request termination of services and the removal of all your personal data from the Company’s server, using automatic procedures can be activated within applications or writing to info@bucsclub.com

8.2 The Company undertakes to promptly remove such data in compliance with applicable laws.

9 Intellectual and industrial property

9.1 All intellectual and industrial property rights, protectable under the rules relating to copyright or other laws by the relevant international treaties relating to the Services (including, for example, but not limited to, logos, text, graphics, icons, images, photographs, audio clips, sounds, music, software, know-how, hardware, projects, applications, patents, trade secrets, formulas, algorithms, models , databases and any combination thereof) available on the Website and Applications are the exclusive the Company or third parties, with particular reference to Google Books.

9.2 The Company grants to each user personal license, non-transferable and non-exclusive use of the Site, the applications in accordance with the Terms of Service, being in any case understood that the user may not copy, modify, sell, assign, sublicense , give or transfer to third parties or create derivative works from any of the Company’s right here fired.

10 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

10.1 The Terms of Service are governed by Italian law. The Agreement remains subject to the binding provisions of the Decree. n. 206, 6.9.2005 (cd. Consumer Code) as applicable to the Services.

10.2 Any dispute concerning the Agreement and / or Terms of Service, if the user is a consumer, jurisdiction is the location of the hole indicated by the user at the time of registration (or subsequently communicated) as their residence and domicile if it located in Italian territory.